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Choose a custom design, come in with your own design, or just bring some inspiration and we'll see where it leads!   

We currently offer two kinds of Henna.  Tradition henna paste and Jagua Gel.  

Traditional Henna Paste stains the skin a red/brown color and lasts 12 to 14 days with instructed care.  Once the henna paste is applied, it takes 45 min to 1 hour to dry to the touch.  During this time it is important to limit activities to keep from smearing or bumping the design.  Once the design is dry to touch, keep it on for 6-8 hours before removing.  The longer you leave it on, the better it will stain!  To remove henna paste, apply coconut oil or olive oil to the design and gently pick off the paste.  The design will be orange in color, but will become dark brown over the next couple days.  To ensure the longest life for your henna tattoo, keep the design moisturized with coconut oil or olive oil and avoid srubbing or exfoliating while showering or washing the design.  Before showering apply a small amount of oil to the design to prevent water from penetrating the stain.  This will ensure longest results.  Everyone's skin is different.  Some stain darker and longer than others.

Jagua Gel stains the skin a dark blue, almost black, color and lasts 8-12 days.  Once applied to the skin, the Jagua Gel takes 45 mins to 1 hour to dry to touch.  During this time it is important to limit activities to avoid smearing or bumping the design.  This stain starts working fast!  Once the design has been smeared, you are stuck with a smeared henna tattoo .  Keep the dried Jagua Gel on for 3 hours.  This product will not stain any better or worse if left on the skin longer than 3's done it's job at 3 hours!  To wash the dried Jagua Gel off, keep the entire design under warm running water and scrub/rub until all traces of the Gel are gone.  WARNING...once washed off, the design will be very light, barely noticeable.  This product darkens over the next couple days.  Don't stress!  Go to bed and a surprise will appear on your skin by morning.  Keep the design moisturized and avoid using exfoliating products on the design when showering.